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Do You Want To Learn Magic?

Learn 12 of the best tricks in magic! Bonus Trick: Learn the Self-Levitation Illusion! Great for the beginner.

*One Pack Wonder (Cards)
*Two Decks Are Better Then One
*Vanish & Reappear (Coin Trick)
*The Money Roll (Paper Currency)
*The Jumping Match
*Card In The Envelope
*Cut & Restored Rope
*The Rubberband Penetration
*Mind Reading Book Trick
*Card on The Napkin
*Coin Thru The Table
*Card In The Mind

250 SEK

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Smoke and Mirrors DVD

John Bannon is one of the most popular creators of close-up magic and his routines are regularly used by most professional and hobbyist magicians. If you don’t have a John Bannon routine in your repertoire you are missing out on direct, visual and impossible close-up magic.

After the tremendous success of John Bannon’s Impossibilia DVD/video and his best selling book “Smoke & Mirrors” John once again releases some amazing creations. The focus of this program is card magic that is direct, entertaining and never fails to fool. You will love the many easy-to-perform routines with novel premises and high impact.

300.00 SEK

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Wizard School DVD At Wizard School, master magician Andrew Mayne will teach you sixteen different acts of wizardry. The Magic Hands + The Wizard News + Appearing Wand + Vanishing Wand + Floating Wand + The Magic Scarf + Clinging Wand + Goblin...

If you think it would be fun to make your friends think there’s a goblin in the room, to twist your hands in an impossible way or levitate yourself, then Wizard School is for you! .

275.00 SEK

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Retro Magic

This two hour DVD set consists of Lourido’s original thoughts on classic plots.

The Double-disc Retro Magic includes the following elements:

Volume 1 Contents: Live performance, Ghost Coin, Hydrostatic Cups, Match Book Time Machine, Static Coins, Currency Shift, Ciggie Penetration, Jumping Jumbos, Tornado Coins, Temporary Solution, Mirror Move, Stretch Coin, and quickies!

Volume 2 Contents: Breakdown and instructions, Color Changing and Flaming Lighter, Vox Box, Tarnished, The Ultimate Rope, Magic Shop, Hovering Card, Impromptu Transposition, and Bonus: 4 Aces for Breakfast, & Drop Bag Assembly.

395.00 SEK

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Tomas Medina’s Geek Magic DVD

You’ve heard of people with uncanny, unimaginable abilities. Personalities like Serpentina the snake charmer, Wee Willie the 400 pound fat boy, Bobo the human pin cushion and Tessie the Tattooed Woman. Imagine joining their ranks and performing the following feats of bizzareism:

Swallow and Maninpulate Razor Blades Produce Live Bugs Become a Human Spittoon Ingest an Inflated Balloon Drink Motor Oil Chew on Broken Glass And Much More!

These Stunts - to name but a few - are explained in excruciating (and often far too great) detail on Tomas Medina’s Geek Magic DVD. This magic is not intended for the faint of heart - or stomach. .

300.00 SEK

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The Martin Lewis Video is now on DVD

Contents: Queenie - Sidewalk Shuffle - The Odd Card - Specdeck - Stampede Second - Dice Propagation - Spelling Collins Aces - Point Of Arrival - The Computer Cards - Rabbit Test - Texas Money - The Impossible Miniature Card Rise - Colour Changing Pencil - Sinister Glimpse - Bridge Hand Steal - Tosser Coin Switch. The DVD version includes the following;

• Performances of Cardiographic, The Comedy Comeback Card, and •Technicolor Prediction • Instant access to 33 scenes •Superior video quality • Dolby Digital sound • Interactive menus • Digitally re-mastered • Multi-region encoding for worldwide viewing

325.00 SEK

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Showoff with Cards

You are about to experience the ultimate collection of show off moves with cards! Everything you need to become an extreme show off is on this DVD. Learn the best of the best, step by step, move by move...


Here are the contents:

Level One Beginner Thumb Fan:The basic fan for flourishers! One Handed Fan:The cards snap into a fan while held at the fingers! S-Fan:A flashy way to tell people you’re a “S”howoff! Blank Fan:The faces of an entire deck disappear! Birdy Fan:(from the genius of De’vo) A fan that seems to float above your hand!! Knuckle Cut:Simple but very cool! Charlier Cut:The classic one-handed cut! Triple Charlier Cut: The Charlier for Showoffs! False Charlier Cut:The Classic Charlier cut, but retains the order of the deck! Butterfly Cut: A two-handed cut that flips and twists the deck then reassembles it in one hand! False Swing Cut: A flashy cut that impossibly retains the order of the deck! Swing Cut w/ Card Control:Control their card to the top of the deck with a quick flourish! Tokyo Cut:Smooth and showy!..... .

300.00 SEK

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Napkin Rose DVD - Michael Mode

I've seen these for years but never learned to make them.

Michael's DVD clearly explains the napkin rose. It's easy and a great give away. People will save them and they don't shrink down like balloons.

While you can make a white rose out of paper napkins, Michael has specially printed up napkins to make green stemmed red roses. You really ought to learn this rose. It's very useful in many situations. Highly recommended.

Comes with sample pack of printed napkins.

275.00 SEK

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Lucky Sevens-3 DVD SET

Lucky Sevens with Gerry Griffin (Volumes 1-3) (3 DVDs) - It doesn't get any more visual than this. Some card tricks fool your mind, Gerry's Lucky Sevens is so amazing it will fool your eyes as well.

DVD Volume I

: *Gerry's Red Hot Sevens - One at a time, the Four Lucky Sevens are shown to have blue backs, but in the end, they are all RED HOT! *Technicolor Sevens - The Lucky Sevens are popped out of the deck and placed into the middle only to magically appear on the top with a change in appearance. *Shaken, but not Stirred - A new deck is shuffled and the aces are cut to the top only to be taken over by Sevens as the shuffled deck hasn't been stirred. *Swivel Spin Pop Shot - A flashy cutting of the Lucky Seven, using four eye-popping moves including Gerry's own Blind Swivel Cut. *SEVENS: With A Twist - Four Aces are placed on the top of the deck, one by one they twist into the Lucky Sevens. *Ribbon Change - Blue back Sevens are placed within a blue deck only to change their appearance before your very eyes. *A Lesson In Cheating - Gerry teaches how the Lucky Sevens can hide at the top and bottom of the deck as well as his own coat pockets.

DVD Volume II:

*Turn Over Pop
*Gerry's Lucky Sevens
*Seven Seconds
*Gerry's Luck is Turned
*FAN-Tastic Sevens
*Gerry's Luckiest Seven

DVD Volume III:

*SEVENS: Unshuffled
*Surprise SEVENS
*Sevens Switched at Berth
*Big Deal
*Drunken Shuffle


599.00 SEK